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Dealing With an Office Lockout in St Louis Mo

Office Lockout In St Louis Mo – More often than not, we rarely think about tricky situations until they happen. One of those unforeseen occurrences is being stuck outside your workplace without a way to in. Time is valuable and being unable to open on time can cost you money and trust from your customers and partners. It is not a good start to a busy day, and the frustration can easily escalate, given offices are more secure than homes. Not to fret however as in this read, Jerry’s Lock & Keys will provide a few essential tips on how to go about the situation.

Understanding Office Lockouts

An office lockout happens when you are unable to gain access to a work premises because of a lost key, locked door, or malfunctioning security system. It’s important to know the different causes of lockouts and their effects in order to better manage and prevent a similar experience in the future,

What are the Common Causes of Office Lockouts in St. Louis?

(i) Misplaced, Stolen, or Lost Keys- This is the most common cause of lockouts in both residential and commercial settings. You may lose your key or leave it at home.

(ii) Broken Keys- Keys can also break off inside the lock, thus making it difficult to enter the premises.

(iii) Damaged Locks- Locks can sustain damage due to attempted break-ins, vandalism, or wear and tear, thus making them inoperable.

(iv) Malfunctioning Security System- An electronic system can fail or malfunction due to hardware issues, software problems, or power outages.

What are the Effects of Office Lockouts?

Being locked out of the workplace can have various negative implications including:

(i) Increased Stress- An office lockout can be stressful to employees, especially if they have vital tasks scheduled.

(ii) Lost Productivity- When people are unable to work because of a lockout, it translates to lost productivity for the business.

(iii) Security Risk- An office lockout may leave the premises vulnerable to vandalism and theft, particularly if the place is left unattended.

(iv) Potential Property Damage- Trying to force entry into the premises can lead to damage to doors, locks, or windows, which can necessitate expensive repairs.

What Should You Do in Case of an Office Lockout in St. Louis?

Following a lockout, it is important to follow specific guidelines to ascertain the safety and security of both the employees and the workplace. That said, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Remain Calm

Once you realize you have been locked out of the work premises, ensure you stay calm. Panic is bound to cloud your judgment, resulting in poor decisions. So, take a deep breath and focus on finding the most suitable solution.

  1. Assess the Situation

Take a close look at what you are dealing with to determine the cause of the lockout. Is it a damaged lock, lost key, or malfunctioning system? Knowing the cause is vital in determining the best course of action.

  1. Notify the Necessary Parties

After assessing the situation, ensure you notify the relevant parties. This can be the security personnel, building management, or supervisor. This will help ensure that the right authorities are aware of the situation and provide assistance if possible.

  1. Seek Professional Assistance

Professional help may be required, depending on the cause of the office lockout. If it’s due to a broken lock or lost key, the team at Jerry’s Lock & Keys is here to help you regain access in a timely fashion.

Things You Should Avoid Doing

When you realize an office lockout, there are some actions you should refrain from taking as they can result in more damage or complications. These include:

  1. Breaking Doors or Windows

Breaking doors or windows to gain access to the premises is, not only dangerous but can lead to expensive repairs. In addition, it can raise security concerns as intruders look to exploit the damaged entry points.

  1. DIY Techniques

Trying to regain access using improvised methods and tools can damage the door or even cause personnel injury. As such it is advisable to leave the job to professional locksmiths as they have the equipment and expertise necessary for lockouts.

  1. Leave the Premises Unattended

Leaving the premises unattended only exposes the workplace to security threats. If possible, assign someone to be on the look until the problem is solved.

With these tips, you should be able to deal with an office lockout with the least stress and concerns. For professional assistance in St. Louis, do not hesitate to call our offices!

Office Lockout In St Louis Mo
Office Lockout In St Louis Mo